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Research Grants

Types of PRF grants

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation has implemented a strategy to identify research activities that will provide specific and relevant evidence-based information that will really make a difference. This strategy focuses on two methods of assigning research grants, these are strategy led activities and researcher led activities.


These activities will identify areas of interest that are of importance to the physiotherapy profession. Feedback provided by members will shape these areas and in some cases, we will partner with external parties to initiate and oversee grants. These targeted grants will strengthen the APA’s advocacy and deliver real time, powerful data-driven arguments to decision makers for the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments for a resilient and thriving private sector. Some examples of these initiatives are the recent Telehealth Project, the PROMs Data Project and the Insurance Commission of WA.

Current Projects:

1. Telehealth Evaluation Project

It was identified in April 2019 that telehealth was a topic of focus and as such an APA Telehealth Advisory Committee was formed in late 2019.  This Committee identified the need to conduct research into the effectiveness of Telehealth by physiotherapists in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aim: To provide evidence that telehealth physiotherapy is safe, effective and valued by consumers to ensure ongoing funding post COVID-19.

If you are interested in participating in this project please click here for more information. 

2. Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

The PROMs Data Pilot will investigate the feasibility of our profession to digitally collect patient-reported outcome data on the effectiveness of physiotherapy intervention in private practice.  Patient-reported outcome data is becoming increasingly important in demonstrating the effectiveness of healthcare, so it is important that as a profession we understand our ability to collect this data to enable us to continue to advocate for physiotherapy services and to improve patient outcomes.

Aim: To demonstrate our ability to collect data on the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments.

We have now gained full approval from Macquarie University Human Research Ethics Committee to proceed and have completed all of our preliminary testing to ensure your data is secure and our processes are robust.

If you already subscribe to Physitrack, simply click here.
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Your participation will help us drive quality improvement and innovation for the profession. 

Designed to support researchers to develop evidence which benefits the profession. These include Seeding Grants and the Beryl Haynes Memorial Fund Grant. 

Seeding Grants

Seeding Grants are to assist new researchers working on new or established research projects.  The purpose of these grants are to help researchers begin their research career. In 2021, six Seeding Grants will be offered with a maximum amount of $10,000 for each. Applications are now open, click here for more information. All submissions must be received by Monday 8 March, 11:30 pm AEDT.

Beryl Haynes Memorial Fund Grant

The Beryl Haynes Memorial Fund was established in 1992 by the Tasmanian Branch Council to support Tasmanian physiotherapy research in memory of Beryl, a pioneering leader in the Tasmanian Health system over decades. The grant is offered for clinical research conducted in Tasmania. The research can relate to any area of physiotherapy practice and the grant will be awarded on the basis of scientific merit and the relevance of the research. Please note this grant is not offered every year. 

Applications for the Beryl Haynes Memorial Fund will open 2 November 2020.

Council is now calling for interested applicants to pitch their research idea via a short, written document describing the background and importance of the project to the Tasmanian community, as well as an overview of their research experience.  Endorsed pitches will then proceed to the Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) grant process in early 2021, and have the opportunity for mentorship to develop their application and form a research team.  
There are two grants of up to $15,000 each on offer for physiotherapists working or studying in Tasmania. The research can relate to any area of physiotherapy practice and the grant is designed to support new researchers.  
For more information click here or for all enquires please email: jenine.fleming@australian.physio     


Applying for a grant

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation funds researcher led grants annually. Physiotherapists interested in enhancing their career and making a valuable contribution to the profession are encouraged to complete an expression of interest form, which is then reviewed by the PRF Review Committee. The Committee provide valuable feedback on each and every application which can be incredibly insightful for first time researchers. Once the EOI’s are reviewed and shortlisted, applicants will be contacted and ask to complete an application form.

Seeding grants have been developed specifically for new researchers to help start their research career. There are six grants available, each with a maximum of $10,000. Applications are considered predominantly on the basis of scientific merit and significance, rather than the applicant’s research record. Grants will be evaluated by the PRF Committee whose decisions shall be considered final, on the recommendation of the PRF Grants Review Committee.

To be considered as a new researcher, the applicant (Chief Investigator) must meet the following criteria:

- must not have received a previous PRF Seeding, Project or Tagged Grant
- must not have received any previous research grant greater than $20,000 as a name Chief Investigator
- must not have received more than $20,000 in maintenance or support funding accompanying a post–doctoral fellowship (total amount over the duration of the fellowship). This amount is exclusive of salary, but includes additional funds for items such as travel and research consumables.

However, the applicant (Chief Investigator) may have received a postgraduate scholarship. The applicant (Chief Investigator) must also:

- hold registration with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia
- be an Australian citizen, or permanent resident
- currently reside in Australia
- be a financial member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and maintain APA membership for the duration of the grant.

Applicants are required to submit an expression of interest (EOI), followed by a full application for those who are shortlisted.

Applications for 2021 have now closed. Submissions will reopen in early 2022.


Grant recipients

The PRF has awarded over $1.8 million in grants since 1990, funding research across a range of areas including respiratory conditions, incontinence, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, knee osteoarthritis and more. Some Seeding Grant recipients have successfully entered into research careers within Australian universities and internationally.

The PRF is pleased to announce the grant recipients for 2021, click here for more information. 

Seeding Grants

Sasha Jobs, APAM - $10,000

Project title: Health professional perspectives on the benefits, barriers, and facilitators of beach-based therapy for individuals with mobility limitations.

This seeding grant is supported by PRF corporate partner Pain Away.

Dr Luke Perraton, APAM - $10,000

Project title: A novel evidence-based group exercise and education intervention for rotator cuff related shoulder pain: a pilot randomised controlled trial.

This seeding grant is supported by PRF corporate partner WorkSafe Victoria.

Angela Burge, APAM - $9,300

Project title: REPEAT PR – developing a cost-effectiveness model for repeating pulmonary rehabilitation.

Zuzana Perraton, APAM - $9,959

Project title: Progression of hip osteoarthritis symptoms and structure in young adults: a 5-year prospective study.

This seeding grant is supported by PRF corporate partner Asics.

Leigh Rushworth, APAM - $8,673

Project title:  Better management of breathlessness in the ICU (BreatheICU): A staff survey and patient interview study.

Kate Rawnsley, APAM - $10,000

Project title: Agreement of face-to-face versus telehealth delivery of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale.

Beryl Haynes Memorial Grant

Amy de Jong, APAM - $15,000

Project title: Development and evaluation of a Tasmanian Bariatric Assessment and Management Plan (BAMP) package.

Cate Andrews, APAM - $15,000

Project title: Transforming Pelvic Pain Education Through Participatory Action Research.

Seeding Grants   

Dr David Snowdon, APAM - $9,976  

Project title: Understanding the effect of an allied health assistant model of care on compliance with hip fracture guidelines: a feasibility randomised controlled trial in physiotherapy 

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Vicky Duong, APAM - $8,000 

Project title: Adherence to exercise and physical activity following total knee replacement 

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Lori Forner, APAM - $9,867

Project title: Understanding the effects of heavy weightlifting on pelvic organ support in vaginally parous women: a cross-sectional study 

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Frances Coulston, APAM - $10,000 

Project title: The Circus Project: A physiotherapy-informed co-designed circus intervention for pre-schoolers born preterm 

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Helen Eason, APAM - $9,950

Project title: Investigating non-invasive methods of body composition analysis to enhance the assessment and differential diagnosis of lipoedema

Anita Plaza, APAM - $10,000  

Project title: Evaluating the effectiveness of a Home-Based Telehealth rehabilitation model for the delivery of physiotherapy exercise programs following burns injury - a randomised controlled trial  

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Jill Nosworthy Grant 

Associate Professor Bernie Bissett, APAM - $24,987 

Project title: Feasibility and patient acceptability of electronic inspiratory muscle training in ICU patients 

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Seeding Grants

Wei-Ju Chang, APAM - $9,511

Project title: Why does Quadriceps Weakness Persist after Total Knee Replacement? An investigation of Neuroplastic Mechanisms

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Udari Colombage, APAM - $10,000

Project title: Pelvic floor muscle function in women with or without breast cancer: a matched control study

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Dr Rachel Kennedy, APAM - $10,000

Project title: A prospective study of falls in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Caitlyn Payne, APAM - $9,952

Project title: A supervised walking program with telephone coaching to increase physical activity following acquired brain injury

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Megan Ross, APAM - $9,961.20

Project title: Enhancing physiotherapy care for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+)

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Mark Scholes, APAM - $9,982

Project title: The immediate effect of running retraining on hip joint pain and biomechanics in people with hip-related pain. A randomised, controlled crossover trial

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Susan Stinton, APAM - 9,920.41

Project title: It is safe to drive after wrist fractures and upper limb burns?  Identifying factors that increase the risk of motor vehicle accident after common upper limb injuries.

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

2018 Project Grants

Kim Allison, APAM - $15,695

Project title: Addressing obesity: physiotherapist delivery of evidence-based care in knee osteoarthritis

Zhiqi Liang, APAM - $15,964

Project title: The Nature of Neck Pain in Migraine

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

2018 Beryl Hayes Memorial Grant

Joshua Heerey, APAM - $10,000

Tasmanian Community Hip Pain (TasCHIP) Cohort Study

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

2018 Seeding Grants

Robyn Brennen S18-018, APAM - $12,000

Can pre- and post-operative pelvic floor muscle training reduce pelvic floor dysfunction in patients undergoing gynaecological cancer treatment? A pilot randomised controlled trial

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Gabrielle Street, APAM - $11,845

Internet-based management of rotator cuff tendinopathy with remote physiotherapist led support: a pilot and feasibility randomised controlled trial

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Kate Cameron, APAM - $7,255

A dance participation intervention for extremely preterm children with motor impairment at preschool age: a feasibility trial

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

2017 Project Grants 

Helena Frawley, FACP - $17,000

Project title: Pelvic floor dysfunction in women with gynaecological cancer

Dr Annemarie Lee - $16,980

Project title: Does listening to self-selected music during pulmonary rehabilitation enhance clinical outcomes?

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Kevin Wernli, APAM - $16,820

Project title: Does changing movement matter? Understanding the relationship between changes in movement, pain, activity limitation and psychological factors in persistent low back pain

Read more about this research project here.

2017 Seeding Grants 

Joshua Bishop, APAM - $10,000

Effect of a pulmonary rehabilitation program of eight weeks duration compared to 12 weeks on exercise capacity in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (PuRe Duration): A randomised controlled trial

Read more about this research project here.

Jodie Dakic, APAM - $9,997

Are pelvic floor disorders a barrier to women's participation in their chosen exercise and how do physiotherapists screen and manage them?

Alison Hodges, APAM - $9,820

Barriers to physical activity and risks of sedentary behaviour at 12 months following total knee replacement surgery: a mixed methods study.

2016 Seeding Grants 

Bernadette Brady, APAM - $8,456

The inequities of chronic pain – responding with culturally responsive physiotherapy

Read more about this research project here.

Megan Banky, APAM - $9,970

Better assessments for better outcomes – determining the ecological validity of the Modified Tardieu scale

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Sonia Wing Mei Cheng, APAM - $7,418

The effectiveness and feasibility of a behaviour-change intervention to reduce sedentary time in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a pilot randomised controlled trial

Katrina Li, APAM - $9,973

Respiratory health in adult children of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Rachel Toovey, APAM - $10,000

Effectiveness of a novel approach to training bike skills in ambulant children with cerebral palsy: a model for promting participation

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

2016 Tagged Grants

Samantha Bunzli, APAM - $13,200

It looks good but it feels bad. Understanding ´failed’ Total Knee Replacement from the perspectives of patients

Breanne Kunstler, APAM - $8,026

Discovering the determinants of, and the behaviour change techniques (BCTs) used when, promoting non-treatment physical activity (NTPA) in Australian physiotherapy practice.

Read more about this research project here.

2015 Tagged Grants 

Brooke Howells, APAM – Beryl Haines Memorial research grant - $9,600

Feasibility of a randomised clinical trial for physiotherapy intervention in patients at high risk of early-onset knee osteoarthritis and symptomatic decline following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Michelle Kahn, APAM – APA National Groups research grant - $9,934

The development of a gold standard assessment of arm disability following brain injury

Cherie Wells, APAM – Physiotherapists Registration Board of Western Australia research grant - $10,000

Enhancing the readiness of new graduate physiotherapists for private practice: Academic, employer and graduate perspectives.

Read more about this research project here or listen to an interview with Errol Lim and Cherie Wells here.

2015 Seeding Grants

Dr Brenton Hordacre, APAM - $9,089

Read more about this research project featured in InMotion here.

Philippa Nicolson, APAM - $9,420

Towards improving adherence to home exercise in knee osteoarthritis

Charlotte Ganderton, APAM - $10,000

Does female sex hormone supplementation (FSHS), exercise or a combination of both improve pain and function in post-menopausal women with greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS)?

Elise Gane, APAM - $9,974

Identifying risk factors for poor functional recovery of the neck and shoulder after neck dissection surgery in patients with head and neck cancer

David Harvie, APAM - $10,000

Un-training the brain: extinguishing learned pain responses through pain-free, illusory movement

2014 Tagged Grants 

Joanne Kemp – Jill Nosworthy Research Grant - $9,998

Risk factors for early hip osteoarthritis: a longitudinal cohort study

Andrew Briggs – Physiotherapy Registration Board of Western Australia Research Grant - $20,000

Development of a ‘readiness’ and ‘success’ evaluation framework for Australian musculoskeletal models of care

Read more about this research project here.

2014 Seeding Grants 

Kim Allison – Geoffrey Maitland Seeding Grant for Musculoskeletal Research - $9,089

Biomechanical and neuromuscular impairments in individuals with greater trochanteric pain syndrome

Nicole Sheers - $10,000

Lung volume recruitment in neuromuscular disorders: can breath-stacking manoeuvres improve lung function, respiratory symptoms and quality of life in people with neuromuscular conditions?

Jason Rogers - $10,000

Clinical, metabolic and imaging prognostic factors in chronic plantar heel pain: a 12-month longitudinal follow-up study

2013 Tagged Grants 

Kate Young - $9,994

An exploration of the feasibility of a randomised trial for physiotherapy in early hip osteoarthritis following hip arthroscopic surgery

Elizabeth Dylke - $10,000

Determination of normatively-based diagnostic thresholds for unilateral and bilateral lower limb lymphoedema

Claire Baldwin - $ 16,700

Pattern of physical activity and sedentary time in survivors of a critical illness during a hospital admission

2013 Seeding Grants 

Rebekah Das - $10,000

Assessing the sensation of ‘desire to void’: development of a new instrument

Stephanie Filbay - $9,049

Early onset knee osteoarthritis following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: the impact on health-related quality of life, work participation and health costs

For more information please read the full research study published in the Journal of Physiotherapy here.

Oliva Rawson - $10,000

A randomised cross-over trial of the effect of positive expiratory pressure during nebulised delivery of medication on aerosol deposition in people with cystic fibrosis

Lucy Lewis - $9,720

Sedentary behaviour in people with cardiovascular disease: a pilot randomised controlled trial

Janice Taylor - $9,936

Evaluating a physiotherapist-led training program to improve residents’ mobility care in nursing homes

Read more about this research project here.

2012 Tagged Grants 

Dr Helena Frawley – Jill Nosworthy Research Grant - $10,000

Development of a digital palpation scale for assessing muscle tension in the pelvic floor using the MyotonPro® device as the ‘gold standard’ objective measure

Associate Professor Shane Patman – Physiotherapists’ Registration Board of WA Research Grant - $25,000

Professional Practice Standards – cardiorespiratory critical care

Read more about this research project here.

2012 Seeding Grants 

Yaheli Bet-Or - $6,834

Is there a difference in scapular kinematics between healthy controls and people with chronic mechanical neck pain?

Kelly Bower - $8,548

Embracing technology in physiotherapy practice: can the Wii Balance Board™ and Microsoft Kinect™ provide clinically useful information about balance performance post-stroke?

Andrea Bruder - $10,000

Does exercise following distal radius fracture improve activity? A phase I/II randomised controlled trial

Looking to promote research?

The APA supports our members participating in evidence-based research from which the profession can draw insights. If you wish to promote your research project, you can apply via email.

To maximise awareness of your research, you may find it useful to publish a short article about your research in InMotion. InMotion has a two month lead time. Contact the editor here.

Please note that your research must have approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) registered with Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council prior to the APA promoting it.


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