Interested in the digital collection of PROMs?

The PRF is currently recruiting physiotherapists to join a pilot program for collecting patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). Good outcome data can assist research and prove the efficacy of physiotherapy intervention to help influence future funding opportunities.

This research project is designed to fit into your clinical workflow and minimise the impact on your practice and patients. Jenny Aiken, Chair of the PRF has created this special message for all practitioners which highlights key details on the project and platform providers. Watch the clip below for more information.



We are working with digital PROM platforms providers Physitrack and MyScoreIt to allow the APA to aggregate the deidentified data from patients for the purpose of research and advocacy.

If you already use Physitrack or MyScoreIt, you can help us to achieve this with only a few minutes of your time. For detailed instructions please see below.

Physitrack Instructions:

If you already use Physitrack, go to My Account >  Settings > Consent to participate in data sharing.

When assigning an exercise program that is related to a knee condition, make sure you click on “condition” in the assign box, and assign a knee condition. The PROMs will be automatically assigned and sent to your patient. 

Once this is done, the patient will be asked to consent inside their PhysiApp patient app and a PROMs survey will be sent to them at pre-determined intervals. Their results will be available to you through Physitrack to track their progress.

For more information on the Physitrack platform please click here.

If you don’t use Physitrack you can choose to subscribe to them or to MyScoreIt.

MyScoreIt is a dedicated new generation PROMs platform that allows you to monitor the clinical outcomes of patients via an easy-to-use dashboard. MyScoreIt has also developed a comprehensive Training Academy to improve your understanding of PROMs and how to embed them into daily practice. MyScoreIt shares the same deidentified information with the APA as Physitrack.

MyScoreIt Instructions

New subscribers: A box will pop up when you subscribe asking if you would like to participate, just tick “I agree”.

Existing subscribers: Go to ‘My account’ and edit your details. From there you can select/deselect consent for the pilot. This is the same process to change your consent. 

For more information on the MyScoreIt platform please click here.

We need practitioners to join us in this process. If you are a practitioner in the private sector then you are eligible to participate in this exciting and innovative new project.

If you are interested in learning more about the project please review the Project Brief, the Physiotherapist Information Sheet and the Patient Information Sheet here

If you have any further questions feel free to contact Jenine Fleming at