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Regional Victoria

While hairdressing, beauty services and retail re-open in regional Victoria, face-to-face physiotherapy care remains available only for ‘essential’ purposes.

This represents only a modest increase in access compared to previous lockdown restrictions, leaving many Victorians without access to proper healthcare while creating an enormous strain on their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Physiotherapists are reporting huge backlogs of patients who have not met the criteria to be seen, but whose ongoing lack of access to physio is impacting their wellbeing. Many have chronic conditions that have not been well managed for many weeks.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is calling on the Andrews Government to urgently reconsider their very limited easing of restrictions in private practice allied healthcare in regional Victoria, to recognise that physiotherapy is safe and valuable, and to allow unrestricted access to physiotherapy services in regional Victoria.


Metro Melbourne

The roadmap outlined by the Victorian Government still leaves too many Victorians without appropriate access to face-to-face healthcare.

The APA reiterates its call to government to recognise that physiotherapy is safe and valuable, and to ensure unrestricted access to physiotherapy services during lockdowns and other restrictions.

On top of existing chronic health conditions, physiotherapists are seeing a massive increase in musculoskeletal issues due to the on-going work from home rules. These patients need to be treated before they further decline and have to seek relief from emergency departments.

It is illogical to prioritise access to other non-medical services over access to vital healthcare.

How can you help?

You can help to ensure that all Victorians have access to proper healthcare by sharing your concerns with your local MP.

Read our regional press release and Metro press release.

Send a letter to your local MP and support the APA and the physiotherapy profession by voicing your concerns.

You can also follow us on Facebook to help build momentum for our call to give unrestricted access to physiotherapy services and other allied health services throughout Victoria.

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