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Economic value of physiotherapy

Landmark analysis of the value of a range of physiotherapy interventions


Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in Australian healthcare system. As a profession, the health benefits and effectiveness of our interventions and the value we provide to the health care sector is proven in the research literature.

Despite the strong scientific evidence base, we lacked a high-quality study examining both effectiveness and the economic benefit that physiotherapy provides. So in 2020, the APA commissioned the Nous Group to undertake a landmark analysis of the value of a range of physiotherapy interventions. By doing so, we have, for the first time, built a robust picture of our high-level impacts and the value this provides to the health care sector.

The study found that treatments by physiotherapists deliver both health and economic benefits. Interventions are clinically effective and deliver net economic benefits, with quality of life improvements exceeding treatment costs.

This report is the missing link to demonstrate that all the Physiotherapy treatments investigated were clinically effective, and delivered net economic benefits, with improvements in the quality of life experienced by patients. This will form the foundation for our Policy Strategic plan for all stages of life in a patient's health journey.

Scott Willis, National President, APA

The research


Approach and methodology

In an independent study, the Nous Group calculated the impact of physiotherapy interventions by:

  1. Firstly calculating the benefits to patients – they measured the improvement in quality of life from peer-reviewed clinical trials, then used accepted methods to work out the value of better health in dollar terms.
  2. Then they factored in costs – this included the cost of delivering the service, the cost of the patient’s time and the avoided costs of other treatments.

The outcome is that we can estimate a dollar value of the benefits of physiotherapy, so everyone can better understand its impact.

Read the Value of physiotherapy in Australia:


Member resources

Interactive dashboard

The dashboard has been developed to help visualise the benefit-cost ratio and net benefit of Physiotherapy for the particular conditions. The variables for costs and benefits can be modified to give a dynamic view of the net benefit in differing situations.

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Developed by Nous Group, the series of infographics are designed to support the Value of Physiotherapy in Australia report by highlighting key physiotherapy intervention and the economic benefit they represent to the Australian healthcare systems.

Member only access the suite of eleven infographics by Nous Group.

Toolkit (Members only)

Join us in amplifying the reports reach and impact. With your help we can ensure everyone knows about the value of physiotherapy and to think physio-first. You can also spread the word by talking to your patients, staff and colleagues about the economic value of physiotherapy.

A suite of member only material is available for you to use, including a general infographic about the value of physiotherapy and eleven physiotherapy treatments. Here, you will find:

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