Physio assistant membership

Physiotherapy assistants

Physiotherapy assistants are also entitled to membership. See if you are eligible.

By joining the APA, you’re getting more than just discounted learning and insurance opportunities. APA membership positions you as a leader at every step. Get professional support whenever you need it, easily downloadable resources to use in your practice or read the latest research findings in your clinical area of interest. As we continue to encourage all Australians to Choose Physio, the APA is ensuring APA membership remains at the forefront of consumers’ minds when choosing the health professional of their choice.

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Physiotherapy assistant (PTA)

$60: Pro-rata price as of 26/07/24 valid until 31/12/24
$120: Full price
What is it

  • membership for physiotherapy assistants
  • insurance is not included.
You are eligible if you:

  • are enrolled in and in the process of completing a qualification, such as Certificate IV Allied Health (Physiotherapy) or equivalent; or Certificate III Allied Health (Physiotherapy) or
  • have completed an APA approved accredited training program or qualification eg, Certificate IV Allied Health (Physiotherapy) or equivalent; or Certificate III allied Health (Physiotherapy) and is working as a PTA; or
  • are engaged or employed under the supervision and delegation of allied health professionals, within the Supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants within the relevant state or territory; and
  • do not carry out any assessment, diagnosis, program planning, program evaluation or client/family education; or
  • have worked as a PTA for at least one year, as confirmed by an APA member employer; or
  • are an international physiotherapy graduate not eligible for Australian registration and are working as a PTA.