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Injury prevention and management through bikefit in cyclists

Cycling has undergone a massive increase in participants in the last 10 years, and with it the number of injured cyclists, as well as participants trying to avoid injury and ride efficiently has grown significantly. Physiotherapists are the ideal profession to help these participants with their understanding of both biomechanics and pathomechanics as well as being in an important position as general health and well being advocates.

Cycling is a unique sport in that we are attached to the bike via 5 contact points. This “attachment” forces our body to move into positions that the human body is not necessarily optimized for, and some athletes even less so than others. Thankfully there is a range of bikes available as well as significant adjustability on the bike to modify position to unload or protect structures while cycling.

To do this however, the physiotherapist must also have the skills of a bike mechanic or risk doing damage to expensive bikes, or render them dangerous to ride after adjustment.

Unfortunately, there is a pausity of evidence in this area, as well as some strong historical beliefs/ fallacies related to bike position and cycling technique. We must therefore rely a lot on our skills in bio and pathomechanics to wade through the myths and “wives' tales” which surround the “bikefit”.

Key learning outcomes

Aetiology and epidemiology of cycling injuries
Biomechanics of cycling
Mechanics, adjustment and safe use of appropriate tools working with bikes
Understand the basics of a good cycling position
Adjustment of the bike for pain relief/ unloading of common sensitised/ painful structures in cyclists

As many cyclists ride in pain and with injuries every day, make sure you have the appropriate skills so that these athletes become your patients! Bikefit services are an asset to any physiotherapy clinic drawing in new patients who may become long term clients.


  • This course is appropriate for AHPRA registered physiotherapists only*


Damian Oldmeadow

Damian has worked as a physiotherapist with elite sport for over 20 years including being involved at three Olympic Games with the Australian team. He previously worked at the AIS and has worked with Olympic and World Champions in triathlon, cycling and endurance sports as well as being involved in research through the University of Notre Dame looking at the validity of “bikefit” as an intervention for cyclists in pain. Damian has been highly involved in injury management and performance in cyclists and triathletes and is acknowledged as one of the most experienced Bikefit professionals in Australia.

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