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The everyday shoulder

Most shoulders seen in physio practice are ‘everyday' shoulders. They are not elite swimmers or tennis players with exotic overuse syndromes and an enthusiasm for exercise. Instead they are manual workers, mums, recreational athletes, tradies, office workers and others with little time or energy to invest in their recovery. They are seeking a physiotherapist who can identify their problem, plot an effective path to recovery and support their goals.

The Everyday Shoulder brings a pathokinematic approach to improve movement and strength to support shoulder pathology recovery. The everyday shoulder in practice is typically weak, stiff or tight and painful. It demonstrates mixed pathology with elements of impingement, bursitis, cuff degeneration, cervico-thoracic dysfunction, scapular dyskinesia and age.

Participants will learn assessment and treatment skills for a range of shoulder dysfunctions including scapular control, glenohumeral stiffness, frozen shoulder, impingement, laxity, post-surgical and just plain getting old and weak.

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify mechanical dysfunction (pathokinematics) of the scapula and glenohumeral joint
  • Differentiate between segments of the proximal upper limb kinetic chain in regards tightness, laxity, weakness and failure to control under load.
  • Identify likely sources of pathology around the shoulder region as indicated by movement dysfunctions
  • Use manual therapy for scapula and shoulder to reduce tightness and correct position to allow recovery.
  • Apply appropriate rehabilitation exercises and prescriptions for safe restoration of scapula, glenohumeral and upper limb movement.


  • This course is only available to qualified and AHPRA registered physiotherapists.


Craig Allingham

With qualifications in physiotherapy, sports science, men's health and business, Craig has enjoyed a stellar career as a leading sports physiotherapist not only in Australia but also internationally. Starting as a staff physiotherapist in a Victorian country hospital, he then moved into private practice and has been a director of several businesses over the last 30 years in Victoria, New South Wales and most recently on the Sunshine Coast where he was a director of Physiocare in Maroochydore from 1996 until 2008. During this time Craig was invited to develop the Masters of Sports Physiotherapy course at Griffith University which he then convened for several years before being head hunted by Bond University as a clinical educator for their new physiotherapy school in 2007. He has been active as a leader in his profession at board levels with the Australian Physiotherapy Assoc., Sports Medicine Australia and Sports Physiotherapy Australia. He also found the time and energy to work as the Physiotherapist for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Coordinator of Sports Science and Medicine for Baseball Australia for 17 years plus travel to four Olympic Games as an Australian Team Physiotherapist (Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta & Sydney) where he worked with rowing, cycling, basketball, wrestling, baseball and celebrating.Craig is a Fellow of Sports Medicine Australia, a Professional Member of National Speakers Assoc. of Australia, Assistant Professor at Bond University (adjunct), and a physiotherapy Practice Surveyor for Quality In Practice, a division of AGPAL.

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Courses and Workshops
28 September
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