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Let's work together to organise a great PD activity

With content that covers best practice and peer-reviewed knowledge, you’ll learn from the best with APA professional development.

Professional development - general information

To suit the needs of all our members, we offer face-to-face learning, online courses, lectures and free monthly eTalks.

The topics and scheduling of all courses are guided by market analysis, research, membership data, direct member and course survey feedback.

The learning outcomes gained through attending our courses are set to align with the competency standards underpinning the Physiotherapy Career Pathway – a new framework designed to advance your career.

Our face-to-face courses are scheduled 12-15 months in advance and are developed in consultation with our volunteer committees in each clinical and non-clinical area.

The logistical delivery of APA courses is the responsibility of the APA’s event delivery team. You will find a contact email address on each APA course listing.

All lecture topics and presenters are determined by state chapter committees and administered through your local state branch office.

Professional development delivery

We’re always interested in your feedback to improve our professional development offering and ensure we have the content physiotherapists need to advance their career.

Choose which of the below best suits you, and we’ll tailor the information to suit:

Please submit any feedback you might have on a past APA course or event you have attended, or on a future scheduled course or event, to the APA’s professional development team.

Alternatively, go to ‘Got an idea for a course or lecture?’ If you’ve got an idea for a future course or feel the APA should extend their offering to help you advance your skills in a particular area.

Got a specific professional development need that we are not catering for?

We always endeavour to offer the specific professional development you require to progress your career. At times, we might not have a professional development activity that suits your exact needs. If this is the case, please email us to let us know the particular area or topic you require further knowledge or upskilling in.

Have an existing course or online module?

If you have an existing developed course that you believe should be included in the APA professional development schedule, or an online course that should be included in our online learning offering, please email the education team to obtain an application form.

Once we receive your application, our education team will review the content to determine the suitability as an APA PD offering.


If you are a new lecture convenor and are seeking information about lectures and your role as a convenor, please contact your local state branch.


Courses are scheduled via the PD scheduling process and placed online by the APA event delivery team.

The majority of the coordination of the logistical delivery of APA courses is the responsibility of the APA event delivery team.

If you’ve been assigned as a course convenor, you will be contacted by an APA event delivery staff member who will liaise with you regarding all logistical elements for your course.

If you have been engaged by the APA as a presenter, you will be contacted by the APA event delivery staff member managing your event who will explain all the required elements of your engagement. 

In the meantime, below is some information that will assist you in your preparation. 

Presentation deadlines 
The APA’s professional development officer requires at least two weeks to arrange course manuals to ensure they are compiled, checked, sent to the printer and couriered to the venue prior to the course start date.

Presentation format 
Please submit your presentation as PowerPoint slides. This allows us to format the manual using the best layout.

Bringing your own computer 
You may bring your own computer; however, we recommend you use the presentation laptop in our Branches as they have the correct compatibility with our sound system. If you bring your own Mac laptop, you’ll need to bring your own adaptor.

If you have embedded video files in your presentation, please let us know and bring a separate copy with you that’s not embedded. This just gives you a back-up in case the codices aren’t on the computer.

Basic equipment in every Branch includes:

  • presentation laptop
  • data projector
  • plinths.

For extra AV equipment please contact the professional development officer looking after your event.

If you need additional or specific equipment to run the course, the APA will make every attempt to arrange it or engage the help of the convenor, tutors and on occasion, presenters and participants depending on what is required.

Course manuals 
The APA will arrange printing of course manuals for every event.

Course convenors 
The National Group committee sources the convenors. When and if required, the professional development officer can assist.