Equitable Access


Bringing equity to health care access

All Australians deserve access to high-quality health care, yet we continue to see entrenched disadvantage persist across Australia. Inequity remains a key issue for those most in need—those without access to prevention, early detection, and quality care. Our reforms focus on removing barriers and delivering efficient and cost-effective physiotherapy care for the people most in need.

Priority populations stand to benefit the most from physiotherapy-led interventions and we call for reforms across six key areas:

  • Securing a better future for First Nations Peoples.
  • Enabling health access for Rural Australians.
  • Securing the NDIS to support Australians with disability.
  • Drive multidisciplinary and connected care for older people.
  • Enabling health services that improve outcomes and value for veterans.
  • Recognising the vital role of physiotherapy in mental health.