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Your patients trust you with their health and wellbeing every day. In your hands they receive the care they need to live their lives to the fullest. Now it’s your turn to put your trust in our hands. The APA have partnered with BMS Risk Solutions Pty Ltd. to bring you an enhanced member insurance program.

Your hands are in good hands

The APA provide a high quality insurance program that represents great value for members.

The APA Member Insurance Program offers a wide range of benefits to meet your professional needs and protect your hard-earned reputation, including:

  • $20,000,000 limit of indemnity per claim for Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability
  • $2,000,000 additional cover to support inquiries and investigations relating to allegations of abuse
  • $50,000 Cyber Liability coverage for both your own costs as well as third party losses
  • Unlimited run-off cover when you have a leave of absence or retire
  • Cover for Telehealth (if within your scope of practice)
  • a policy that is underwritten by Lloyds of London and is fully AHPRA-compliant

Beyond a professional indemnity insurance policy, members who require additional insurance products, including for their businesses, will be able to purchase them within minutes through a sophisticated and secure online platform.

Increased evidence-based practice risk resources will also be created and published. This data-driven material will help to reduce practice risk by affording members greater insight into emerging trends both in Australia and across other jurisdictions.

APA members will also have exclusive access to an experienced insurance and claims service and specialist legal support.

Updates to your insurance cover

For the period 2021-22, we want to draw your attention to some updates to your Insurance cover. These are outlined below:

APA Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability Insurance can be included in your APA Membership payment.

For insured members who have selected a ‘private practice’ membership option, the table below shows the insurance premium breakdown by state, including all government fees and charges.

For all other categories of membership, APA purchases a group policy that provides complimentary insurance for members for the coming insurance period.

Click on the state where you reside below to view tailored information that is applicable to you.

Definition of animal expanded to include farm animals.
This year farm animals have been included into the definition within the APA policy wording. For the full definition please read the policy wording.

Definition of Allied Health assistant amended to exclude assistants not formally engaged by the Physiotherapist.
Many APA members use allied health assistants within their business. There was increasing concern among Physiotherapists that Allied Health Assistants were being engaged by the patient or other parties. The policy has been amended to ensure cover is only extended to Allied Health Assistants who are formally engaged by a Physiotherapist.

Vaccine administration cover included.
With many APA members helping with the COVID-19 vaccine roll out we have included an endorsement providing cover for those members trained and who are working within the public hospital system. Also noting that no cover shall be provided under this policy in respect of claims resulting from the efficacy of the vaccine.

For any questions about your APA Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, please contact BMS via apa@bmsgroup.com

Effective from 31 December 2020, changes relating to Physiotherapists treating Performance Animals.

Updated coverage for the treatment of performance animals

Coverage is $1,000,000 each claim and $1,000,000 in the aggregate inclusive of costs and expenses.

“Performance Animal” is defined within the Policy Wording as horses that compete in thoroughbred or standardbred racing, eventing, dressage and show jumping.

It is a condition of the coverage that there is a Veterinary referral for racehorse work or under the supervision of a Vet.

Should coverage in excess of the above sub-limits be required we ask that members contact BMS, and the request shall be referred to insurers. Please contact BMS on 1800 931 068 or via email at apa@bmsgroup.com

Market Leading Benefits - Boundary Violation Coverage

We recognise your professional landscape is shifting. Global trends, in our profession and others, have shown us that the likelihood of an allegation of sexual misconduct against professionals like you is on the rise.

Such allegations can cause significant distress and financial hardship. The APA is committed to supporting members who inadvertently find themselves in the midst of such allegations.

APA Insurance provides members with $2 million additional cover to support inquiries and investigations relating to allegations of abuse, including sexual misconduct.

This is an excellent level of cover, above industry standard, at no additional cost to you.

Meet BMS

BMS is a global Lloyd’s broker, and the largest majority employee-owned insurance business in the London market. BMS has teams in Australia and Canada specialising in providing insurance cover and value-added services to associations and their members.

BMS’s Australian and Canadian teams provide coverage and additional services to more than 400,000 healthcare and regulated professionals through 70+ associations, including over 12,000 members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Business Entity cover

Business entity cover is professional indemnity and public liability insurance for your business. This is different to your personal insurance coverage, or that of clinicians working in your practice. If your business is named in a legal action, these costs are not covered by your standard APA insurance policy. This is where business entity cover comes in.

It is important to note that business entity cover does not cover clinicians for their actions while working within your clinic.

What does "Retroactive Date" mean?

The “Retroactive Date” of your APA Business Entity policy will be the start date of the policy, unless otherwise stated. If you did not take out Business Entity Insurance on or before 31 December 2019, you currently have a gap in cover. Although your Business Entity Policy cannot be backdated, backdating the retroactive date of your policy means you have cover for any new claims that you become aware of, arising out of past work (known claims are excluded).

Do I need Business Entity cover?

It is good practice for all businesses to cover their entity risk. If a clinician in your business is named in a legal proceeding, it’s not unusual for the business to be investigated as a means of determining liability and fault, if any exists.

Will there be an extra premium payable?

If you are a physiotherapy only practice with five or fewer physiotherapists employed there is no additional premium payable under the policy you hold through your membership however, you still need to apply for cover to obtain a certificate with your business name insured.

If you employ more than five physiotherapists and/or have any other health professionals working in your practice, your APA member insurance policy will not cover your business entity. In this instance, there may be an additional premium payable.

The premium is individually assessed for each business and can be determined by logging into your APA account and visiting the BMS online portal here.

How do I gain Business Entity cover?

BMS has a self-service microsite to help our members gain business entity cover. If you decide to take out this insurance, it is important to do so via the BMS microsite.

Once purchased (even if there is no premium payable), the site will automatically issue you a Evidence of Cover, noting your business entity name, via email.

Please note that if you do not apply for business entity coverage you will not be automatically covered under your insurance as part of your normal APA membership and insurance policy.

Additional cover

Looking to purchase additional insurance cover? Log in and click below to access our member-only online self-service insurance platform that allows you to purchase additional insurance cover anytime, anywhere, from our official insurance broker partner, BMS Risk Solutions.

If you are currently a part of the APA Member Insurance Program, coverage is already provided for professional indemnity, public liability and products liability. You can now purchase additional insurance cover including business, cyber and personal accident, as well as business entity insurance, in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

BMS Risk Solutions – additional cover

Insurance policy documentation

To assist in your enquiry, APA has provided a number of documents. Just click on the links below to download your files.

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