Categories and Fees

Categories & Fees



A registered physiotherapist working on average 18 hours or more per week

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A registered physiotherapist working on average less than 18 hours per week

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Reduced rate categories for physiotherapists at varied stages in their career

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A registered physiotherapist who has graduated within the last four years

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A student enrolled in an accredited, entry-level course

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Retired from practising? You can still be a member.

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Physiotherapy assistant

Currently working as or studying to become a physiotherapy assistant.

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An overseas-trained physiotherapist where the respective professional association is a member of the WCPT.

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A contractor to private practice or a public sector area

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Eligibility for membership

In order to be eligible for APA membership, all members must:

  • Agree to abide by the APA Constitution and Code of Conduct
  • Be of good fame and character, and a fit and proper person to be a member of the Association
  • Agree to declare any criminal conviction recorded against them
  • Have no ruling of unprofessional conduct, professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct (or similar), or a finding of grounds for disciplinary action (or similar), by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia or its equivalent or by their industry registration board.
How does pro-rata work?

New and re-joining members may be eligible for a pro-rata membership price depending on when they join the APA. The pro-rata price is updated at the start of each month and is calculated by the membership fee divided by 12 then x the remaining months of the year. The pro-rata price is not available to existing or renewing members.

Our terms and conditions

Read APA's  Membership terms and conditions