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From sporting injuries and back pain to rehabilitation, post-pregnancy treatment or prescribing physical activity, most of us will be treated by a physiotherapist at some point in our lives. Becoming a corporate partner or simply donating will allow the PRF to further allocate research grants for clinical trials that enable physiotherapists to adopt the latest, safest and most effective techniques when providing treatment. 

How your donation helps

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation supports the physiotherapy profession by promoting, encouraging and supporting research that advances physiotherapy knowledge and practice.

The PRF aims to:

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Corporate Partnerships

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation is privileged to have the support of corporate partners, who share similar business values and are invested in long-term collaboration. Your support can make a difference to the livelihood of many Australians as physiotherapy plays a crucial role in Australia’s healthcare system. It is one of the largest allied health industries and continues to grow rapidly. Physiotherapists help patients recover from injury, manage disease and improve their wellbeing.

The PRF is focused on developing research which can further enhance the physiotherapy profession and also advance career opportunities. One of our first major grant recipients, Dr Claire Baldwin, describes her experience as critical for her career progression, ‘For me, it was a really important step to moving from a student researcher, to an independent researcher and starting to build collaborative networks’. As a corporate partner, your business has an incredible opportunity to be a part of that.

We are excited to offer partnerships with organisations across Australia to further support research that advances physiotherapy knowledge and practice. Our partnerships are based on collaboration and mutual benefits. Working on a case-by-case basis, we can build tailored partnerships that suit your business goals.

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Research is so valuable to our profession, strong scientific evidence-based research enables physiotherapists to adopt the latest, safest and most effective techniques when providing care and treatment to patients. This is why the PRF is funding what we call ‘research translation’.

We are highly invested in discovering innovative ways to reproduce research findings and deliver content in a more digestible manner. View the packages available and for more information on Research Translation click here.

There are three levels of partnership agreements with the PRF—Platinum, Gold and Silver packages. There is a minimum level of commitment for each level with additional content opportunities that can be tailored as required. 

PRF Partner Opportunities


Additional content can be sponsored in conjunction with or separately from, these sponsorship packages.

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The PRF is excited to work with the following partners in 2024.

Platinum Sponsor:

Silver Sponsor:

Major Sponsor:

Proudly sponsoring the 5 Fact Infographics content.


All funds raised will further enable the PRF to build research capacity, develop researchers’ careers, and contribute to the evidence base of the profession, informing policy, clinical practice, and innovation through research grants.

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