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APA partners and their exclusive member only benefits

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What our partners do 

APA partners are considered industry leaders and add benefit to the physiotherapy community. APA corporate partners are focused on communicating with physiotherapists and looking to improve business and brand opportunities. Our endorsed product partners have been approved in consultation with appointed physiotherapists to ensure we deliver the best quality products for both members and consumers.

The primary focus of our partners is to:

  • provide a beneficial product or service for both members and consumers 
  • provide education 
  • support member events 
  • provide member discounts 
  • invest in APA campaigns. 

What our partners offer

APA partners have strong alignments with the physiotherapy profession. Scroll down to find a full list of current APA partners, with select benefits available exclusively to current APA members.

How to partner with the APA

A partnership with the APA will place a brand, product or service in front of our 26 000 strong membership. Benefits include:

  • an increased brand awareness 
  • business opportunities with our members 
  • an opportunity to distinguish your product from its competitors within the consumer landscape.  

There are two distinct partnership opportunities available: Corporate Partner and Endorsed Partner.

Corporate Partner

When the APA aligns with a corporate partner, we are looking for a national presence and the ability to service our membership from a product or service perspective. It also provides an opportunity for the company to support APA events or advertising channels and participate in a member offer or discount program. All corporate partnerships receive a benefits package and attract a level of commercial investment.

Endorsed Partner

Products that are considered for APA endorsement go through a rigorous process to ensure they are worthy of having our professional endorsement. This gives consumers the confidence to purchase a product knowing it has been fully evaluated and endorsed by an APA appointed physiotherapist.

Endorsement process

The APA will send the interested partner an application form to submit. If the application is approved, the APA will gather the following documents:

  • TGA certification (if applicable) 
  • any evidence or research information 
  • any current studies 
  • marketing collateral and samples of the proposed endorsed product. 

An appointed physiotherapist will then review and test the product against the supplied information to ensure compliance and provide a detailed report. The APA will only endorse the product if the report recommends endorsement. The APA will then negotiate an agreement with the interested partner and once agreed, deliver benefits.

For further information, please contact:

Glenn Lloyd
Partnerships and Business Development.

03 9092 0822

Maree Whittingham
Senior Account Coordinator,
Partnerships and Advertising.

03 9092 0834

APA Partners