Felice Rosemary Lloyd Trust (VIC)

The Felice Rosemary Lloyd Trust was established in 1985 by Brian Lloyd, in memory of his late wife. Felice was born in 1926, grew up in Melbourne and began studying physiotherapy in 1943. Following graduation in 1946 she worked at Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital and then in private practice.

In 1949 Felice travelled to England. Her intention was first and foremost to travel to Britain and Europe and then gain overseas postgraduate qualifications or experience. At the time these were more highly regarded than the Australian equivalents. In 1951 Felice married Brian Lloyd in Cambridge, England. Sadly, Felice died shortly afterwards in London in 1954 at the age of 27.

Since 1985 scholarships that allow recipients to travel and study overseas have been distributed annually, with the same intention as Felice had pursued in her career—the development of the physiotherapy profession in Victoria through research and education. It is with this in mind that the Trust is collaborating with the APA to make publicly available the reports written by scholarship recipients at the conclusion of their scholarship.

The Trust guidelines and application form may be located on the Equity Trustees Wealth Services Limited website.

Reports from abroad

Traveling reports from scholarship recipients of the Felice Rosemary Lloyd Trust: