Advanced Practice (including Emergency Department)

Advanced Practice (including Emergency Department)


Advanced practice physiotherapists predominantly have a musculoskeletal background, and may work in orthopaedic, rheumatology or neurosurgical screening clinics. They may also work in post-operative clinics for orthopaedics and neurosurgery, while others work with paediatric populations. Increasingly, non-musculoskeletal roles in areas such as women’s health and neurology, are also being developed.

Emergency department physiotherapists may have an advanced practice, or secondary contact role. Advanced practice physiotherapists in the emergency department independently manage acute musculoskeletal injuries and spinal pain, and have strong research evidence to support their role. Emergency department physiotherapists may also see patients with vestibular and respiratory conditions.

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About the group

This group is important for linking all Advanced Practice and Emergency Department physiotherapists together, irrespective of their unique skills. Despite differences in clinical area, we have much to learn from each other, and support further development of advanced practice skills and roles.

Being part of this group will allow you to stay on top of clinical discussions and the latest research. Questions of scope, and best practice, can be discussed online via the Emergency Department Facebook group or face-to-face at committee meetings and professional development events.

There are many opportunities to be involved in shaping the future of the Advanced Practice National Group (including Emergency Department). You can take on leadership positions on state or national committees and provide direction on professional development activities.

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