Cardiorespiratory practice is a cornerstone of modern physiotherapy, with a unique clinical focus on the cardiopulmonary and respiratory systems. Joining the Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy group is an affordable way to access a community of people who are striving to promote the excellence of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, outside of your day-to-day work setting.

Members of the group receive regular emails spanning a wide variety of content, including case studies, relevant research articles, literature reviews, reflections on professional development and updates on committee activities around the country.

You will also have access to a full calendar of lectures and courses relevant to you, allowing you to continue your professional development. All courses are offered at a discount to group members.


About the group

Many physiotherapists work in multi-disciplinary teams. Some specialise in working with patients with conditions like cystic fibrosis, with a large number working in hospital settings that vary from medical and surgical wards, to intensive care units, to outpatient clinics. This diversity brings a variety of distinctive perspectives to the field of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

As the practices of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy have evolved from manual techniques to non-invasive ventilation and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, the profession’s role in disease prevention and management is becoming more widely recognised.

It’s important that all physiotherapists in this field are aware of the latest research. Group members regularly organise lecture evenings and courses where findings and current debates are discussed.

There are also one-off events, such as international speaker tours, and the biannual scientific conference of the APA that profile the latest developments and exciting speakers from Australia and the world.

The Cardiorespiratory group is a member of the International Confederation of Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapists (ICCrPT). 

To date, some notable advocacy work undertaken by the Cardiorespiratory group includes:

  • parliamentary lobbying regarding funding models for cardiorespiratory physiotherapy
  • advanced and extended scope of practice in the area of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy
  • physiotherapy representation on state and national committees relevant to cardiorespiratory practice
  • issues related to work in the public sector and student cardiorespiratory clinical placements.

There are opportunities to be involved in shaping the future of this group. You can apply to be a committee member in your state or at a national level, or contribute your ideas for professional development and other activities.

Every two years, the APA conference scientific committee works to produce a high quality program for each area of physiotherapy, including cardiorespiratory, giving you another opportunity to influence this area of the profession.

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