Understandings of pain and pain management are moving away from traditional models. Physiotherapy’s holistic understanding of the patient and optimal care is becoming more relevant in light of research findings. Pain and physiotherapy are intimately connected, but this relationship is evolving.

The best way to stay on top of the latest knowledge on pain is to remain connected to those who are working in it every day. The Pain group is an easy and affordable way for you to do this.

Members of the group receive quarterly emails written by other physiotherapists working in this area. You’ll receive literature reviews, relevant research articles, reviews of professional development and conferences, resources and updates on committee activities around the country.

Online and face-to-face professional development is also offered at a discount. There are many joint courses organised with other national groups, allowing you to maintain your knowledge across a breadth of areas.


About the group

From the beginning, the Pain group has aimed to educate all physiotherapists of the latest in pain science. We work to provide professional development on psychologically-informed approaches to physiotherapy practice. We want all physiotherapists to have the skills to adopt an interdisciplinary approach.

The Pain group communicates with international organisations to ensure APA members have a global perspective and that the excellent work of Australian clinicians and researchers in this field is disseminated.

Being a young group, there is a lot of scope for members to assume leadership positions on state or national level committees or to provide direction through suggestions for projects or professional development activities.

Every two years, the APA conference scientific committee works to produce a high quality program for each area of physiotherapy, including pain in physiotherapy, giving you another opportunity to influence this area of the profession.

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