Aquatic physiotherapy is used to treat many different conditions. Our group members work with people of all ages and across a multitude of different conditions, whether it’s those recovering from surgery, women who are pregnant, those with a disability or athletes recovering from sporting injuries.

The aquatic physiotherapist should have a knowledge of the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic properties of water, the physiological effects of immersion, and all relevant water safety procedures.

Joining a group with such a diverse range of interests allows you to continue your peer-learning well into your career as a physiotherapist. Discounts on professional development courses related to aquatic physiotherapy help you keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Members of the group also receive regular email, which include case studies, literature reviews, reflections on professional development and updates on committee activities around the country.


About the group

The Aquatic group values education highly, and has written several courses for physiotherapists. These are reviewed regularly, with the last review held in 2015. Currently on offer are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses, as well as a range of courses offered in conjunction with other National Groups, allowing you to broaden your knowledge base. There is also a hydrotherapy rescue course—devised by the APA and the Royal Life Saving Society Australia—held annually in most states and territories.

The group has also produced a set of guidelines on working in hydrotherapy pools to help all physiotherapists uphold high professional standards. The 2013 guidelines were reviewed in 2015 after widespread consultation and a formal Delphi process. Maureen McMahon led the process.

There are numerous opportunities to be involved in shaping the future of this group. You can volunteer for committee positions in your state or at a national level, or contribute your ideas for professional development and other activities.

Every two years, the APA conference scientific committee works to produce a high quality program for each area of physiotherapy, including aquatic, giving you another opportunity to influence this area of the profession.

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