Peter Tziavrangos

Board Of Directors

Peter Tziavrangos
Peter Tziavrangos
National Vice President

Peter Tziavrangos was elected to the Board in 2021.

Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) in 1996 and has clinical experience in Australia and the UK. He is currently the Managing Director of Move for Better Health, a multidisciplinary Allied Health clinic operating in South Australia at multiple sites. Peter is currently undertaking MBA studies at the University of South Australia.

Prior to joining the Board, Peter was actively involved with the APA as Chair of the APA Business Group which provides support for Physiotherapy Clinic owners in Australia, and has played a crucial role through the COVID pandemic. In recent years he has also participated in multiple working groups  for the APA including the COVID Innovation Work Group, the PHI Work Group and the Allied Health Roundtable Committee as part of the Commonwealth Primary Health Care 10 year plan.

Peter is passionate about improving the quality and access to physiotherapy in Australia, and also the commercial sustainability of the Physiotherapy industry in Australia.

Special Responsibilities
Member, Audit and Risk Committee
Term expires: 31 December 2023