Jye Murray running along a path as part of the Indigenous Marathon Project

Keep the fire burning: physiotherapist's NYC marathon dream

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) proudly supports NAIDOC Week 2024, honouring this year’s theme, “Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud”. The theme is an invitation and reminder for all Australians to celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

peson sitting with their legs out straight having a brace put on their left knee by a professional

The ACL Cross Bracing Protocol healed my torn ligament. This is how it works

May 2024

A year ago today, I was told something I thought was impossible — after three months in a knee brace as part of a research program, my previously fully ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) had healed itself naturally.

I tore my ACL skiing overseas (yes, I became a walking/limping cliche), and once I got home my physio told me about a novel program called the Cross Bracing Protocol.

person holding two bars to assist with walking while medical professional stands to the left providing assistance

Johns courage to be recognised at national awards

April 2024

A Drysdale survivor of stroke who made it his mission to walk again in time to farewell his mother has been recognised for his courage.

During this difficult time, John turned his grief into motivation and set himself a goal to walk out of rehabilitation to attend his mother's funeral. To the surprise of doctors and physiotherapists, John achieved this after just only three weeks of rehabilitation.

children in sportswear in a team huddle

Bulldogs, ASICS team up to provide footwear to Ballarat’s junior football teams

The Western Bulldogs and their apparel partner, ASICS Oceania is pleased to announce they will be gifting underage football players in Ballarat with free ASICS footwear.  

Player with knee brace holding water bottle

Researchers take a step towards less invasive ACL injury therapy

Anyone who follows sport will know what the dreaded phase 'ACL tear' means.

person using weights to exercise

New initiative to address physical health lag in ageing LGBTQ+ community

February 2024

A new collaboration between ACON and Gymnastics NSW seeks to bolster physical well-being among older LGBTQ+ 55 and over through tailored programming addressing longstanding access barriers.

people in a work out class wearing bright colours

Vanessa Wagner and ACON launch fitness class for older folk

December 2023

Drag queen Vanessa Wagner and ACON, NSW’s leading LGBTQ health organisation, have launched an accessible online fitness class for older LGBTQ+ people.

exercising pre/post pregnancy

Women speak out about birth trauma and poor pelvic health care in public system

August 2023

Few moments are as momentous as the birth of a child. But while many women expect big changes in their life, few expect to leak when they exercise or for their pelvic organs to drop into their vagina when they cough.  

Illustration of a brain

New guidelines for game-changing concussion and brain health care launched

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), in close collaboration with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and other major partners, has today announced the release of the Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement 2024. This essential document provides ground-breaking insights into concussion management and underscores the critical role of physiotherapists in sports-related health care.

Concussion explained: why ignoring head knocks is now a dangerous game

Concussion explained: why ignoring head knocks is now a dangerous game

Concussion is mentioned in daily news cycles, athletes are being medically retired on the basis of repeated concussions and community sport has adopted strict return-to-play protocols.

So why all the fanfare now about a condition that has been around for as long as blokes have had testosterone and the desire to strike each other’s heads? The simple answer is: medicine.