children in sportswear in a team huddle

Bulldogs, ASICS team up to provide footwear to Ballarat’s junior football teams

The Western Bulldogs and their apparel partner, ASICS Oceania is pleased to announce they will be gifting underage football players in Ballarat with free ASICS footwear.  

Player with knee brace holding water bottle

Researchers take a step towards less invasive ACL injury therapy

Anyone who follows sport will know what the dreaded phase 'ACL tear' means.

Rugby players on the field

Football codes' lack of response to AIS concussion guidelines leaves players in limbo for 2024 season

It was party time for the NRL amid the glittering lights of Sin City, while just days earlier another sin was being laid bare by former star NRL players whose lives had been destroyed by repeated concussions. That sin was the cavalier disregard rugby league, indeed all s ports, showed when an athlete suffered a concussion.

women leaders discussing

Women leaders: Meet 38 of SA’s most impressive business minds

February 2024 

From concert pianists-turned regional farming moguls to fashion trailblazers, dentists, health service providers and vets, some of South Australia’s most impressive businesswomen are leading the charge across the state’s industries.

person using weights to exercise

New initiative to address physical health lag in ageing LGBTQ+ community

February 2024

A new collaboration between ACON and Gymnastics NSW seeks to bolster physical well-being among older LGBTQ+ 55 and over through tailored programming addressing longstanding access barriers.

person examining a patient

What reforms are needed to ensure Medicare delivers for changing health needs over the next 40 years?

February 2024

In marking the 40th anniversary of Medicare, health leaders have cautioned that determined reform efforts are vital for ensuring Australia’s health system can meet current and future pressures including climate change and an ageing population.

three people gathered outside smiling

Shining light on First Nations stroke heroes

January 2024

Stroke Foundation is thrilled to add a new category to the 2024 Stroke Foundation Stroke Awards with a focus on the indigenous community.

physiotherapist working on a patient

Physiotherapist returns to his small hometown and gives back to his community

January 2024

With a population of only 1,500 people, the town of Bingara in NSW has been desperate for another physiotherapist practising within their community. With only one physiotherapist, wait times have been long for residents. Thankfully, a new physiotherapist has joined the ranks.

people working together one is in a wheelchair

Opinion: Fostering trust and transparency in the NDIS

December 2023

In this guest post, Scott Willis, the National President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, responds to recent comments by NDIS Minister Bill Shorten MP about ‘price gouging’ by physiotherapy providers.

people in a work out class wearing bright colours

Vanessa Wagner and ACON launch fitness class for older folk

December 2023

Drag queen Vanessa Wagner and ACON, NSW’s leading LGBTQ health organisation, have launched an accessible online fitness class for older LGBTQ+ people.