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Bringing together physical and mental health is the key to tackling suicide in Defence

Integrating physical and mental health care by connecting services and addressing health system gaps, must be a priority in tackling suicide.

  • Mar 18 2022

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide - Submission and Proposed Recommendations

Submission by the Australian Physiotherapy Association

March 2022

  • Nov 04 2021

Statement from the Australian Physiotherapy Association on formalising the role of physiotherapy in mental health care

Submission by the Australian Physiotherapy Association

November 2021

We’re physiotherapists and we’re here to help

Physiotherapists are ready, willing and able to help relieve pressure on general practice by reducing the burden of care created by conditions readily treated by physiotherapy. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ (RACGP) recent General Health of the Nation report names musculoskeletal conditions as the second-most commonly reported reason for patient presentation according to 39 per cent of GPs.  This, coupled with recent reports from both the RACGP and Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) on the burnout experienced by doctors, shows the urgent need to invest in integrated and collaborative care.

Older Australians set to lose physiotherapy care with physiotherapy job losses ahead

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is calling on the Federal Government to clarify how critical physiotherapy care for older Australians will be funded, to allay uncertainty abo

Ninety four year old Nana, one of thousands of Victorians deteriorating under negligent health policy

The State Government’s short sighted and negligent restrictions on access to physiotherapy care in Victoria continues to impact thousands of people across the state, as face to face physiot

APA calling for a nationally consistent approach to accessing physiotherapy care

While the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) fully supports government measures to control COVID-19, including warranted lockdown restrictions, the APA is calling for a nationally c

Physical health of people with dementia neglected with tragic consequences

Accidental falls are a leading cause of death in people living with dementia, yet less than 0.25 per cent of the $3 billion dementia health budget is spent on care that can prevent them.

APA calls for more rural physiotherapy to address unmet need

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has called on the Federal Government for stronger national policy action to increase access to rural physiotherapy and allied health services

Talk ‘With Your Physio’ to help treat chronic health conditions

The Australian Physiotherapy Association’s (APA) ‘With Your Physio’ campaign is designed to inform the more than 11 million Australians who live with chronic health conditions on a daily ba


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