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Landmark report confirms economic value of physiotherapy

A landmark report released by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) provides irrefutable evidence of the cost effectiveness a

Parents urged to increase children’s activity levels and participation in sports to protect their mental health

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is urging parents and caregivers of children and adolescents returning to school next week to ensure they are keeping active and participating

Letting children take risks while playing is important for their physical and mental development

Parents have been urged to make sure their children get outdoors for plenty of active playtime and to let them take risks to help support their physical and cognitive development.

School is out for the year, time to get our kids engaged in more risky play for physical and cognitive development

After a year heavily impacted by the global pandemic, many Australian children have had their physical activity limited in some way.

Kids aren't getting enough exercise

This week students arrived back to school for 2019, eager and nervous after their parents and caregivers had prepared them to put their best foot forward. However, a concerning new report has found that kids are failing to do just that. The report found that Australian kids are some of the least active in the world, ranking 32nd out of 49 countries.

Kids struggling with weight are getting lessons on movement to help them get through school day

Some Queensland children will wear specially made uniforms bigger than 9XL when school returns this week. The shock state of childhood obesity is exposed with the revelation that uniform shops are taking orders for young boys needing shorts with 150cm waists (59 inches).

Back to school: The perfect time to start kids on the right foot

The start of the school year is a challenging time for parents and children – the holidays are over and work/school routines are about to kick back in. With ‘back to school’ ads bombarding us at every turn it can be hard to know what’s really relevant when it comes to getting our kids school ready.

No shortage of obese kids 'waisting' their school years

Want your kids to do well at school this year? Get them physically active!

Getting kids away from screens and being physically active is not only good for their mental and physical health, it also boosts their academic prowess. So says two separate research papers - the Copenhagen Consensus Statement1, which gathered research from a variety of academic disciplines to determine the effects of physical activity in children and youth, and the Active Brains study2 released in November by the University of Granada.

How to choose the right school bag and shoes according to an expert

Did you know that the average child spends 1500 hours in their school shoes? That's what the Australian Physiotherapy Association says, and it means parents need to think carefully about the shoes they choose for their kids as they do their back-to-school shopping.


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