Landmark report confirms economic value of physiotherapy

Landmark report confirms economic value of physiotherapy

Landmark report confirms economic value of physiotherapy

Landmark report confirms economic value of physiotherapy

A landmark report released by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) provides irrefutable evidence of the cost effectiveness and enhanced quality of life delivered by physiotherapy interventions.

The Value of Physiotherapy report launched today by Olympic athlete Jessica Trengove, delivers a comprehensive, independent analysis undertaken by the NOUS Group that demonstrates the economic benefits that physiotherapy provides to patients and the Australian healthcare system.

The report analyses the impact of physiotherapy on 11 common conditions including osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, falls prevention programs, back pain, and a diverse range of other health conditions affecting millions of Australians.

“It is a privilege to be asked to launch the Economic Value of Physiotherapy Report today. As an elite athlete and a physio, I’ve witnessed both sides of the physio table and know how much of a positive impact physio has on the wellbeing of so many people,” said Olympian Jessica Trengove.

“The evidence for the value of physio to the health system outlined in the report is conclusive. If we used physio treatment options instead of other more costly treatments, patients and the health system as a whole would benefit. My hope is that these findings lead to increased access to physiotherapy for all Australians.”     

APA National President Scott Willis says that decades of physiotherapy research has shown the extensive evidence base for the health benefits of a range of conditions and injuries that physiotherapists treat.

“We’ve known for a long time that physiotherapy is extremely effective, but this is the first time that individual economic studies for a range of health issues have been combined and rigorously analysed to provide an assessment of physiotherapy’s overall cost savings and economic benefits to individual patients and the health sector as a whole,” said Mr Willis.

“Physiotherapy treatment increases mobility, reduces pain and the burden of disease contributing to an enhanced quality of life with the potential to avoid future hospitalisation.

“This is a win for Australians and a win for the health system itself, which is groaning under the weight of years of cost blowouts. We need the Government to instigate changes that ensure these cost effective physiotherapy treatments are funded so that all Australians have access and the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives,” Mr Willis said.


Scott Willis is available for further comment.

Olympic athlete, physiotherapist and new mother Jess Trengove launches the report. Video below:


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