Older trades person in fluro vest sitting on a worksite and holding his wrist as if in pain

New data reveals tradies are hammered by pain and concerned for long-term health amidst trade shortage

Nine in ten tradies experienced a work-related injury in the past year and one in two say they live with severe pain. The new data released ahead of Tradies National Health Month shows the backbone of Australia’s workforce is suffering as productivity pressures mount.

One in every ten Australian workers are a tradiei, and one in four of them fear they will need to retire early because of stress on their bodies.ii  

peson sitting with their legs out straight having a brace put on their left knee by a professional

The ACL Cross Bracing Protocol healed my torn ligament. This is how it works

May 2024

A year ago today, I was told something I thought was impossible — after three months in a knee brace as part of a research program, my previously fully ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) had healed itself naturally.

I tore my ACL skiing overseas (yes, I became a walking/limping cliche), and once I got home my physio told me about a novel program called the Cross Bracing Protocol.

Arial view of students sitting around a table with books and other study devices

Why have we been excluded? the students left out of Labor’s promised placement payments

May 2024

Students in a range of degrees – including veterinary science, medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychology – are also set to miss out on Labor’s proposed allowance, which will be outlined further in next week’s budget. The proposed payment is equivalent to about $8 an hour.

Two older people walking along a path in a picturesque park with both facing away from us one using walking sticks

Older Australians are five times more likely to die from a fall than on the road

May 2024

Does the imbalance in funding for road safety and falls indicate that Australians don’t value the health of older women?

view of the torso or a person sitting on a purple yoga mat holding the right side of their back

Exploring Alternatives for Chronic Back Pain Relief

April 2024

This week's ABC Four Corners episode Pain Factory highlighted that our health system is failing Australians with chronic pain. Patients are receiving costly, ineffective and risky care instead of effective, low-risk treatments for chronic pain.

women leaders discussing

Women leaders: Meet 38 of SA’s most impressive business minds

February 2024 

From concert pianists-turned regional farming moguls to fashion trailblazers, dentists, health service providers and vets, some of South Australia’s most impressive businesswomen are leading the charge across the state’s industries.

physiotherapist working on a patient

Physiotherapist returns to his small hometown and gives back to his community

January 2024

With a population of only 1,500 people, the town of Bingara in NSW has been desperate for another physiotherapist practising within their community. With only one physiotherapist, wait times have been long for residents. Thankfully, a new physiotherapist has joined the ranks.

people in a work out class wearing bright colours

Vanessa Wagner and ACON launch fitness class for older folk

December 2023

Drag queen Vanessa Wagner and ACON, NSW’s leading LGBTQ health organisation, have launched an accessible online fitness class for older LGBTQ+ people.

navigation compass on a keyboard

Navigating the Job Market: Tips for New Physiotherapy Graduates

September 2023

Navigating the job market as a new physiotherapy graduate can be a daunting experience. Fresh out of university, you're armed with theoretical knowledge and some practical skills, yet the real world of employment brings its own unique set of challenges.

person dressed as a superhero

Celebrating the aged care ‘superheroes’

August 2023

For the fifth year, Australia’s aged care sector celebrated its workforce on Aged Care Employee Day held on 7 August ever year.