Older trades person in fluro vest sitting on a worksite and holding his wrist as if in pain

New data reveals tradies are hammered by pain and concerned for long-term health amidst trade shortage

Nine in ten tradies experienced a work-related injury in the past year and one in two say they live with severe pain. The new data released ahead of Tradies National Health Month shows the backbone of Australia’s workforce is suffering as productivity pressures mount.

One in every ten Australian workers are a tradiei, and one in four of them fear they will need to retire early because of stress on their bodies.ii  

peson sitting with their legs out straight having a brace put on their left knee by a professional

The ACL Cross Bracing Protocol healed my torn ligament. This is how it works

May 2024

A year ago today, I was told something I thought was impossible — after three months in a knee brace as part of a research program, my previously fully ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) had healed itself naturally.

I tore my ACL skiing overseas (yes, I became a walking/limping cliche), and once I got home my physio told me about a novel program called the Cross Bracing Protocol.

person holding two bars to assist with walking while medical professional stands to the left providing assistance

Johns courage to be recognised at national awards

April 2024

A Drysdale survivor of stroke who made it his mission to walk again in time to farewell his mother has been recognised for his courage.

During this difficult time, John turned his grief into motivation and set himself a goal to walk out of rehabilitation to attend his mother's funeral. To the surprise of doctors and physiotherapists, John achieved this after just only three weeks of rehabilitation.

view of the torso or a person sitting on a purple yoga mat holding the right side of their back

Exploring Alternatives for Chronic Back Pain Relief

April 2024

This week's ABC Four Corners episode Pain Factory highlighted that our health system is failing Australians with chronic pain. Patients are receiving costly, ineffective and risky care instead of effective, low-risk treatments for chronic pain.

Player with knee brace holding water bottle

Researchers take a step towards less invasive ACL injury therapy

Anyone who follows sport will know what the dreaded phase 'ACL tear' means.

Rugby players on the field

Football codes' lack of response to AIS concussion guidelines leaves players in limbo for 2024 season

It was party time for the NRL amid the glittering lights of Sin City, while just days earlier another sin was being laid bare by former star NRL players whose lives had been destroyed by repeated concussions. That sin was the cavalier disregard rugby league, indeed all s ports, showed when an athlete suffered a concussion.

  • 24 Jul, 2024

SIRA NSW Model of Care for the Management of Low Back Pain

Submission by the Australian Physiotherapy Association

September 2023

A brain drawing to signify concussion effects

Concussion symptoms in players: Why early physio is the vital game-changer

The prolonged effects of sustained concussions are only just beginning to be realised, with former AFL players speaking out on their symptoms and the long-term effects of repeated trauma to the head. Concussion currently accounts for 1 in 8 of the injuries sustained in community Australian rules football1. It’s the most common injury requiring hospitalisation2 from the sport in Australia.

man on work site

Aussie tradies asked to share the load, prioritise physical and mental health

Through recent lockdowns and disaster relief efforts, tradies have shouldered a lot, and while many workers have been doing it tough, tradies remain consistently over-represented in workplace injuries and mental health statistics.
APA supports AMA and RACS calls for national surgery plan

APA supports AMA and RACS calls for national surgery plan

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) supports calls by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) for all levels of Government to develop a national plan addressing the growing and increasingly critical backlog of elective surgeries.

The AMA and RACS highlighted new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) data, showing Australians are now waiting even longer for essential surgery.