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What do Physiotherapists do?

Many people may be of the opinion that physiotherapists mainly work with back and sports related injuries, but they would be very mistaken.

Primary Health Reform Steering Group Established

The Morrison Government has appointed a team of experts to provide independent advice on the development of the Primary Health Care 10-Year Plan.

National physiotherapy association using conference to drive innovation

An injury reducing football boot, a physio chatbot and a new brace for the rehabilitation of upper limb injuries are some of the novel ideas vying to take out the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)’s inaugural Physio Pitchfest and $15,000 to support further development of their idea.

Physiotherapy association lauds MFL's new stipulation

Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) president Dr Mohd Hadzir Abd Manaf has applauded the decision by Malaysian Football League (MFL) to require clubs to hire only physiotherapists who are registered with the association, beginning next season.

Why People Choose GEMt Dry Needling Training Courses

‘Why should I do your course’? is likely the most common question my team gets asked here at GEMt headquarters, which is why we’re providing you with the answer right now!

Putting ice on injuries could be doing more damage than good

If you've rolled an ankle, you know what comes next: sickening, nauseating pain. And then a big bag of frozen peas.

APA calls for physiotherapists to provide standard care for prenatal women

The Australian Physiotherapy Association is calling for women’s health physiotherapists to be included in the care teams for all pregnant women, to reduce the risk of complications and improve outcomes for women and their babies.

Why this image is so important

Radio announcer Heidi Anderson has been lauded for baring her post baby body — complete with C-section scar — just a month after giving birth. 

Easy ways to get rid of your beer belly

Beer belly, love handles, the middle-aged spread – whatever you call it, having a bit of a gut is something many people notice as they age. But just how harmful is a beer belly for health and what are the best ways to get rid of excess weight?

Building quality of life: The 5 secrets to a happy retirement

Entering retirement is for the most part an exciting journey full of new possibilities and adventures but at the same time the transition from working life can be a shock to the system with so much free time on your hands.


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