Joint update from the APA and ESSA: A message to our members

Joint update from the APA and ESSA: A message to our members

We write today to share a joint update with our respective members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). 


As membership organisations, we act in the best interests of our members and our advocacy initiatives express the value of our professions to our many stakeholders. We operate in a complex system where the balance between representing individual professions’ interests and collaborating with other professions is not always straightforward. 


We are pleased to share that the APA and ESSA have committed to a closer working relationship so that collaboration opportunities don’t pass us by. Our health system is in desperate need of reform and affording individuals appropriate and safe access to the breadth of health services has never been more important. We share a concern for the rising burden of health conditions, and we share a resolve to safely drive forward the contribution of our professions to relieve this burden. There is opportunity for us to align more often, to advance these mutual goals.


As we move forward in the next chapter for our organisations, we do so in the acknowledgement that the scopes of practice for physiotherapists and accredited exercise physiologists are different. Though we are different, our collective goal is to empower our members to work safely within the parameters of their respective scopes and provide the best outcome for every patient.


We turn a corner now aligned on principles of mutual respect. Where it is appropriate, we will seek opportunities to work together in the pursuit of mutual interests. We acknowledge each other’s right and obligation to advocate for the individual interests of our professions, and we each remain firm in our ambition to support our members.  As we move forward, we request that our respective members uphold this mutual respect when in positions of influence with stakeholders. 


In a community of allied health professionals, we will both continue to push boundaries, advocate for change, and elevate the standard of care for all Australians. We look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead as we embark on this next chapter.  


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