Physiotherapy services receive significant funding increase and new tiered recognition

A man on crutches is being assisted by his practitioner

Physiotherapy services receive significant funding increase and new tiered recognition

A man on crutches is being assisted by his practitioner

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is thrilled to announce substantial updates to the WorkCover Queensland (WCQ) Allied Health Services Table of Costs for the 2024-2025 financial year, including a notable 4.1% Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase and the introduction of a new tier for physiotherapy services that are provided by specialist physiotherapists as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

APA National President Scott Willis expressed the importance the increase and new tier have for both generalist and specialist physiotherapists* and called out the clear precedent this increase sets for the wider health system.

‘The 4.1% CPI increase is a tremendous win for our Queensland members. Coming into effect from Monday 1 July, this adjustment enables physiotherapists to charge higher rates, reflecting the value of their services and aligns directly with the APA's recommendations. It’s a significant step forward in ensuring our members are adequately compensated for their essential work,’ Mr Willis said.

Key updates to the Allied Health Physiotherapy Services Table of Costs include:

  • 4.1% fee increase: This adjustment reflects the rise in the CPI, allowing physiotherapists to adjust their rates accordingly.
  • Specialist physiotherapist* tier: The addition of a Tier 3 Item Number for Specialist Physiotherapy* services sets a new precedent for recognising and compensating specialist skills within the profession. This inclusion supports the APA's specialist* pathways, providing a new referral point for specialist care, benefiting patients and primary carers alike.

‘We are particularly excited about the introduction of the specialist physiotherapist* tier,’ added Mr Willis.

‘This new level of recognition not only validates the advanced skills and training of our specialist members, but also offers patients an alternative referral pathway for comprehensive care. We encourage all primary carers to consider this new option to enhance patient outcomes.’

‘The excellent care already provided by generalist physiotherapists, who currently manage the majority of the injured workers in the scheme, will only be bolstered by this change. It will provide the primary care practitioner and patient with additional choice beyond surgical or pharmaceutical options, enhancing the recovery of an injured worker who may be struggling to recover or needs additional expert or specialist* assessment and opinion.

These updates, effective from 1 July 2024, reflect WCQ's commitment to improving the compensation framework for allied health services and ensuring that physiotherapists and other healthcare providers can deliver high-quality care to patients across Queensland.

‘We value the sincere and collaborative approach to consultation taken by WorkCover Queensland. We now look to all other states to follow suit and ensure their funding schedules for physiotherapy are appropriate and maintaining parity with CPI, as well as enabling the expertise of a specialist physiotherapist* within the care of injured workers within their schemes,’ Mr Willis said.

For more information about the updated fees and new service provisions, please visit the WorkCover Queensland Fees page under "Current allied health fees".

*The terms 'specialist', 'specialist physiotherapy' and 'specialist physiotherapist' refer to the recognition of Specialisation as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists.


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