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How physiotherapy helped me through my pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first child I experienced pelvic girdle pain, which resulted in severe pain in my sacro iliac joints and my pubic bones at the front. Luckily for me my obstetrician worked closely with a physiotherapist who specialised in women’s health and prenatal care.

How to run injury-free – APA physio and Commonwealth Games runner Lauren Shelley

We’ve heard it all before: warm up, listen to your body, build gradually. And yet, after popping on our activewear, lacing up and seeing the open road ahead, we tend to go all out—and suffer the consequences.  We chatted to APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist Lauren Shelley, who has a special interest running related injuries. Did we mention she also represented Australia for marathon running at the Commonwealth Games and World Athletics Championships? Uh, yeah, this lady knows her stuff. She practices at Body Logic Physiotherapy and has popped together some tips to help us level up our running game, ensuring a strong, pain-free finish.

Pelvic floor exercises

Everyone talks about 'lifting your pelvic floor', but what is it, where is it and how on earth do you lift it?

Physiotherapy integral to postnatal recovery

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. It's also one of most physically strenuous, with numerous potential short and long term consequences for both body and mind.

Antibiotics – not always the answer for Mastitis

Treating mastitis with antibiotics is often not required, leading women’s health physiotherapist, Melinda Cooper, said today. 


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