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More than a 'wee' problem

Urinary leakage is traditionally thought of as an older person’s complaint – however, as women all over Australia will tell you, bladder leakage is their reality as well.  The number of young women experiencing urinary leakage is on the rise and we now know that impact from exercise plays a part in a woman’s risk profile for developing urinary leakage.

New approach needed for musculoskeletal treatments

As muscle, bone and joint conditions continue to become more common, new research has found those suffering from musculoskeletal problems could benefit from a different approach to treatment.

How can physiotherapy support an ageing population?

The MOMEMTUM 2017 physiotherapy conference is welcoming several international speakers to Sydney this week who are experts in their respective fields. One of these is New Zealand based UK researcher, lecturer and physiotherapist Associate Professor David Nicholls from Auckland University of Technology, who will present the national gerontology keynote address on the future of aged care physiotherapy.

Total knee replacement: no benefit to inpatient rehab

Intensive inpatient rehabilitation after uncomplicated total knee replacement is no more effective than simple outpatient rehabilitation, Australian researchers have reported in the MJA.

APA discusses new aged care funding model with Minister Ken Wyatt AM, MP

APA Board and gerontology member Rik Dawson met with Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt AM, MP this week with recommendations to address funding inadequacies in the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) and endorsed key recommendations from the University of Wollongong report into alternative aged care funding.

Exercise benefits for older Australians with cognitive impairment

As Australia’s population continues to age, there is an increasing risk of falls and general physical decline in the community, potentially leading to serious injury and hospital admissions. 

Statement on latest changes to Aged Care Funding Instrument

Physiotherapists and older Australians have achieved a win in the ongoing discussions to reform the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI), after Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care Ken Wyatt announced on 6 December that the time limits on 12.4b programs would be set at 80 minutes. 

Aged-care funding needs a change of Tune

The APA says current model needs major reform to promote effective patient care.  

Australians celebrate healthy ageing on World Physiotherapy Day – 8 September 2016

More Australians aged over 65 years are affected by common and critical diseases like osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) President, Marcus Dripps, said today.

  • Aug 08 2016

Physiotherapy to play crucial role in adding life to years for ageing population: Steve Moneghetti

One of Australia’s most celebrated athletes, Steve Moneghetti, has joined the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) in the lead up to this year’s World Physiotherapy Day on 8th September to help improve the quality of life for Australia’s aging population.


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